Shared Service Utility

Based on extensive research, Ballintrae have found that the Market Data industry is in dire need of a Shared Utility Service to manage the Market Data lifecycle from end-to-end. Furthermore, industry insights from the likes of McKinsey point to a new breed of service providers, or 'Capital Markets Infrastructure Providers' (CMIPs) as being the way forward for the industries supporting the Investment Banks & Buy-Side firms. More importantly, CMIP providers and the associated Utility Service for Market Data in particular needs to be provided by a 'definitively neutral' organisation that can be implicitly trusted to provide services in a resilient, scalable and secure fashion to all industry participants. Ballintrae intend to fulfil this role and provide a Shared Service Utility for the Market Data industry.

Key to establishing the Shared Service Utility is the requirement for an organisation that is 'definitively neutral' to operate the service. Ballintrae have always prided themselves on their neutrality and hence are ideally placed to bring the Utility to market.

If you or your organisation would like to be part of architecting and creating a Shared Service Utility for the Market Data industry, then please Contact Us.


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