Development Roadmap

FreeBERRD Permissioning System:

FreeBERRD holds data on more than 166 Exchanges and while we aim to give you access to as much information as possible, there may be a number of Exchanges that are not be relevant to you. The FreeBERRD permissioning system will simply allow you to remove any exchange from your home screen that are not of interest to you. Combined with our Favourites feature this will enable you to truly personalise your account and access the data you want as quickly as possible. 

Policy & Pricing View:

Exchange policies can be cumbersome and hard to follow, especially if you need to refer to a pricing document at the same time. To help you, FreeBERRD will have a third view added to Pricing and Policy that will allow you display both side-by-side.

Monthly Pricing:

Monthly pricing will enable you to gain a better understanding of the fee changes that accrued this year. Each price will be broken down month-by-month, enabling you to see exactly at what point the fees changed and hence calculate exactly what your historic payments should have been.

Historical Data:

Historical Pricing will take Monthly Pricing one step further and enable you to view prices month- by-month going back several years. This will give you a reference point in case of audits or when you are evaluating your market data spend. In addition, you will be able to retrieve old policies and view any documents you might not have on record anymore.

Faster Notifications: 

In recent years more and more exchanges began to publish their new policies with a short notice period or even with immediate effect. To help you stay up-to-date Ballintrae will be introducing a faster notification service, which will send a notification to your email as soon as a new document has been added to FreeBERRD. This will help you to stay compliant and never miss an update.



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