Exchange Notifications

Stay alert with FreeBERRD Notifications.

In the last five years the quantity of exchange changes has increased substantially, with many becoming applicable on the day of release. To stay compliant, it is now important to be aware of these as soon as possible and budget accordingly. Off the back of this, we have developed notifications to ensure users don’t miss a thing.

These are provided via 3 different methods:

Interim Notifications - Ballintrae’s email service that will deliver a summary of week’s changes.

Monthly Notifications - Ballintrae’s email service that provides users with a detailed report of the changes that have occurred over the month and alerts you of upcoming changes.

Pop-up Notifications - A new service that will notify you of the changes as soon as you log-in and enables you to view detailed analysis on the same day as the announcement. All changes are stored so you can return to them in the future.



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