Policy & Pricing


We have broken out each policy into 10 distinct sections, which are the most common areas of interest for Market Data Professionals:

3rd Party Usage Non-Billable Devices
Audit Non Display Trading Policies
Delayed Data Time Non Professional User Criteria
Derived Data Reporting
Member Firm Policy Unit of Count

To save users wading through pages of text of each Exchange Policy, we’ve made this easier and summarised each sections underneath 'Ballintrae Summary'.  These summaries represent Ballintrae's professional interpretation of the Exchange Policy section and are expressed in everyday terms, rather than the more legal language used in the main Policy documents.


FreeBERRD distinguises the following Policy pricing, where defined by each Exchange:

Access Fee Exchange Professional User Fee
Delayed Data Licence Fee Non-Display Licence Fee
Derived Data Licence Fee Quote Meter / Price Per Usage Fee
End of Day Distribution Real-Time Redistribution
Exchange Non Professional User Fee + Vendor Codes

What functionality makes FreeBERRD special?

When designing FreeBERRD, our aim was to create a database that is comprehensive in its content whilst at the same time enables clients to:

Advanced Search Capability:

You are in control...

When designing FreeBERRD, our aim was to create a database that is comprehensive in its content whilst at the same time, enables clients to quickly find what they are looking for. Using FreeBERRD you can take control of what you want to be displayed. Our multi-exchange selection feature lets you pick policy or pricing specific to your interests and display all the data in one window. Our search and filtering options will enable you to sort through the data in an efficient and familiar way leaving more time to focus on the task at hand.

Our advanced search functionality enables you to search through hundreds of policies using the criteria below:

  • Pick as many exchanges as you need
  • Filter exchange by Region


By setting up a list of Favourites, each user can tailor their FreeBERRD experience and optimise how fast they can access the most regularly accessed components of the service:

Fed up with searching through the same exchange policies for the same information?

FreeBERRD’s Favourites feature enables you to save your search as a shortcut displayed on home screen which appears as soon as you log in. Using our Favourites feature means you can create a library of your current projects, applications or just exchanges you want to keep an eye on.


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