Ballintrae spotted a gap in the market place for a comprehensive and highly accurate reference database for all Exchange Rules & Regulations back in 2009. To ensure that Ballintrae had the right approach, product & service, we engaged with the London School of Economics in 2009 to assist us. As a result of a final year MBA project with 3 of the LSE’s leading students, Ballintrae developed its market-leading "BERRD" (Ballintrae Exchange Rules and Regulations Database) product and released it to the market in 2010.


Since then, Ballintrae have made significant changes to the functionality and data content and to top it off… we have made it completely free! To ensure absolutely no ambiguity in this statement, we have gone ahead and renamed the new database to "FreeBERRD".


The key features of FreeBERRD are:

Industry-wide Pricing & Policy Coverage

Customised Reporting

Exchange Change Notifications

Continuous Development Roadmap


FreeBERRD is an independent database which has been created and developed by Ballintrae to make day-to-day market data tasks effortless. FreeBERRD holds over 1076 global exchange market data policies, agreements and pricing. These are stored in an easily accessible centralised portal, which can be accessed online from anywhere.


With the advanced search functionality, clients can filter through over 771 products to view specific usage related pricing and pertinent parts of exchange polices and agreements and all within a few seconds.


To ensure no policy, agreement or price change goes unnoticed, Ballintrae’s team of experts monitor each exchange website for any changes a minimum of twice per day.


To ensure clients are compliant and up-to-date with these changes, Ballintrae publish new notifications as soon as they come out and even collate the changes into an easily useable report on a weekly and monthly basis.






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