Enhanced Remediation & Audit Services

Ballintrae have extensive experience of running 'Pre-Audits' on behalf of their Banking/Buy-Side clients. This service leverages the extensive knowledge within Ballintrae of Exchange Rules & Regulations and hence results in a true picture of data consumption being arrived at. Should any discrepancies occur in the client's reporting of data consumption, Ballintrae provide advisory services on how to remediate the consumption and educate the various business involved on alternative options at lower costs.

Ballintrae also provide Audit or 'Revenue Recovery' Services on behalf of Exchanges. These services leverage Ballintrae's pedigree of being able to delve deeper into the data consumption within the firm being audited. Given that Ballintrae have a deep understanding of both the client firm and the Exchanges, we often provide more of an advisory role so as the relationship between the Exchange and the client firm is maintained and indeed enhanced through a more thorough understanding of the Exchange rules, regulations and product set.

As part of this service, we ensure that post-Audit, the client firm is correctly licenced for the data being consumed. Ballintrae manage this entire process and co-ordinate between the Exchange and the client firm.

If you or your organisation would like to know more about how we can provide a wider understanding of fee liable data management and compliance, then please Contact Us.


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