Component Utility Services

Ballintrae’s Vision is to become a Shared Utility Provider for the Market Data industry as a whole. A key part of this vision is a series of component (Utility) services that make up the various aspects of the Market Data Management lifecycle that all firms live within today. These component services include: Inventory Management, Reporting, Licence Management and the like. All of these are required in our target Utility, however, Ballintrae are able to provide these individual services in isolation.

Key to the provision of the majority of the component services is the requirement for an accurate and detailed Rules & Regulations database, which Ballintrae already have with our BERRD product. This is currently being integrated with a number of the leading 3rd party component services in the market place to allow us to provide a joined up service to our clients.

Each component service can be managed either On Premise or in the Cloud for a given client, with Ballintrae staff providing a full managed service around the lifecycle component required.

If you or your organisation would like to know more about our series of individual, component Utility services that can assist your market data management operations, then please Contact Us.


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