Ballintrae spotted a gap in the market place for a comprehensive and highly accurate reference database for all Exchange Rules & Regulations back in 2009. To ensure that Ballintrae had the right approach, product & service, we engaged with the London School of Economics in 2009 to assist us. As a result of a final year MBA project with 3 of the LSE’s leading students, Ballintrae developed its market-leading BERRD product and released it to the market in 2010.

With price, rule & regulation data going back to 2010, as well as global coverage of all trading Exchange venues, Ballintrae’s BERRD product remains the market leader and is used by a wide range of Buy-Side firms and Investment Banks.

Our operations staff use a comprehensive mixture of automated & human checks to ensure that our data is both accurate, current & historically available to our clients, ensuring that they have all the rules & regulation data at their finger prints to make the appropriate Declarations to the Data Providers that their firm uses.

Lastly, our clients also find the ability to ask the Ballintrae team for assistance on challenging situations an invaluable part of the BERRD subscription. Often this involves asking Data Providers for an answer to a technical query, on an anonymous basis, so as Ballintrae’s client remains protected and the immediate instigation of an Audit is avoided.

If you or your organisation would like to know more about BERRD and our database services to the Market Data industry, then please Contact Us.


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