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The rise of Capital Markets Infrastructure Providers (CMIPs)

A significant opportunity exists within the investment banking industry to overhaul, reform and improve a key sell-side and buy-side function.

That function is the management of market data – specifically, the management of compliance with financial exchange rules, regulations, commercial terms and the accounting for and the reporting of these. 

In order to produce the solution on behalf of the industry, we are pleased to announce that Ballintrae has been identified as a logical locus of an industry consortium.

As a provider of market data and infrastructure services to investment banks, asset managers and exchanges for 14 years, Ballintrae has the relevant solutions, assets, skills and position in the market that make it ideally placed to form the basis of an industry-wide, shared-service utility. In other words, what is being termed a Capital Markets Infrastructure Provider (CMIP).

Thanks to its reputation, Ballintrae also enjoys wide industry support to provide the necessary solution presented by the opportunity. Importantly, and apart from its existing market relevant assets, skills and credibility, Ballintrae also has the crucial advantage of definitive neutrality.

In March 2017 McKinsey & Company released its report called Capital Markets Infrastructure: An Industry Reinventing Itself.

In it McKinsey detailed the expected outperformance of this sector relative to all other sectors. They predict a 16% overall return to investors relative to a 7% overall return from any other sector.

Ballintrae’s shared service utility offering called B-Cloud sits squarely in the McKinsey definition of a CMIP. More importantly, when tested with McKinsey against McKinsey’s ten criteria for a shared service utility’s success, B-Cloud scores full points in every category.

As Steve Street, Ballintrae’s founder and architect of the B-Cloud solution remarked of McKinsey’s CMIP report and B-Cloud criteria testing “Reading the report, it’s as if McKinsey had written an advertisement for B-Cloud”

John Mattingley, Ballintare’s CEO said that it does indeed feel like a “ringing endorsement” of our company strategy.

Ballintrae looks forward to working with the whole industry to solve one of the key problems it faces.

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